These lovable dogs have topped the charts for 28 years running.

Labrador Retrievers

These faithful friends are often police dogs and service dogs.

German Shepherds

This smart, affectionate breed starred in Full House, Air Bud, and Homeward Bound.

Golden Retriever

Frenchies are big-hearted but low-energy. The AKC says big-eared dogs are also popular in New York, San Francisco, and Miami.

French Bulldogs

Calvin Coolidge and Warren Harding both owned these noble dogs.


The beagle looks like a smaller foxhound. The beagle was bred to hunt beaglings.


Standard, miniature, and toy poodles are all one (clever) breed.


Rottweilers are protective protectors but also loving and loyal companions.


Yorkies became popular in the late Victorian era, but they were originally used as vermin catchers.

Yorkshire Terriers

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