6 Reasons Why You Always Wake Up Tired!

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1) Sleep inertia

Sleep inertia refers to morning grogginess. Your brain is waking up, so you may feel shaky or disoriented after waking up.

 After minimal sleep, especially consecutive nights, sleep inertia lasts longer. Waking up in deep sleep may produce sleep inertia.

2) Blue light exposure

Screen usage affects sleep quality, whether you believe it or not. Stay up late to enjoy the evening, will give tired mornings.

Computers, tablets, smartphones, and TVs can disrupt melatonin production and delay sleep onset if they're used too close to bedtime, so it's best to turn them off an hour before you go to sleep.

3) Poor sleep hygiene

Maintaining a sleeping environment and daily routine conducive to sound sleep is an important part of excellent sleep hygiene.

Make sure you sleep on a comfy, supportive bed. Smart beds are worth considering. Pillows are also crucial.

4) Too much caffeine or alcohol

Caffeine is a stimulant, and your afternoon pick-me-up may be doing more harm than you realize.

People metabolize caffeine differently. Alcohol, a depressant, can disturb REM sleep, preventing deep, restorative sleep.

5) Sleep disorders

Insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea are two of the most common sleep problems. In example, people with sleep apnea are prone to feeling exhausted even after a night's rest. 

Even if you don't remember being awakened, they're annoying and might make it difficult to wake up feeling rested.

6) Genetics

It is true that some people are naturally early birds and others are night owls. Typically, these are genetically determined.

They can be adjusted to some extent, but one cannot normally be substituted for the other.

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