Junipers range from blue-green to gold in size and colour. Some upright species have blue-green fruits that provide texture and intrigue.


There are low-growing yews, but the tall pyramidal or upright forms make good borders and screens. Some varieties tolerate part shade.


This shrubby tree has fragrant white spring blossoms that turn into purple jam-making berries (or to share with the birds).


Arbs can be circular, columnar, or pyramidal, and can reach to 30 feet tall. Most don't need shearing.


This low-maintenance plant has fern-like needles and beautiful limbs. Vertical or pyramidal variants provide screening.

False Cypress

This beautiful tree tolerates part shade and intense cold. Read the label to find dwarf varieties for your backyard.


Several varieties of hydrangea grow quickly and produce a vibrant screen.


Cedar trees have a graceful shape and intriguing cones. Weeping variations look great in a mixed border or in pots lined up for privacy on your patio.


This shrub isn't a privacy plant, but it's wonderful in a cluster or row. Late summer is when these exotic-looking blooms blossom.

Rose of Sharon

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