Choose pet and child-safe products, but make sure they're applied properly and in the right amounts, says Lanaux.

Using unsafe fertilizers

Never leave a pet alone in a parked automobile. "The car's greenhouse effect can raise temperatures quickly, killing an animal in 5 minutes," explains Lanaux.

Leaving your dog in a hot car

Some owners mistakenly put dog products on their cats (without reading labels) or use the same dog recipe for both.

Using dog flea meds on cats

You should discuss with someone you trust how they'll care for your pet if you can't reach them in an emergency. Reasonable vet care? Is care expensive?

Leaving without a plan

Well-meaning party guests may feed your cat goodies. Consumption of salty foods like chips and popcorn can cause difficulties ranging from extreme thirst and vomiting to food poisoning.

Feeding them potato chips

Summertime causes heat exhaustion and heat stroke in dogs. A three-mile hike in the heat could be deadly for your dog. Build their stamina in warmer conditions.

Trying a tough hike

Even a champion swimmer can't get out of the water on his own. Stay near him to have safe summer fun.

Jumping into a pool

If your dog is social, especially in the summer, he needs rabies, distemper, parvovirus, influenza (both strains), and Bordetella vaccinations. AAHA and AVMA have vaccine recommendations.

Lagging on vaccinations

Dogs enjoy butter-and-salt-topped corn on the cob. A part of the cob can get caught in their stomach or intestines if they ingest it, says AAHA veterinary advisor Heather Loenser (AAHA). Toss cobs.

Tossing them the cob