The gentle giants' even-keeled demeanour makes them ideal for young families.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Frenchies don't need much exercise save quick walks. Their playfulness doesn't involve barking.

French Bulldog

Same for English. The bigger dogs won't say anything because they're happy to remain resting on the sofa.


The basenji is called the "barkless dog," but it can bark. When the hounds decide to communicate, they emit strange sounds like yodels.


Borzois are described as "calm and catlike" by the American Kennel Club. Greyhound-like dogs can run 40 mph.


Shibas, well recognised as part of the popular doge meme, won't be saying "much wow" soon. The dogs are mostly quiet, except for the rare "Shiba scream."

Shiba Inu

Active and smart, Aussies are a U.S. breed. Herders will alert their owners when necessary, but they won't bark wildly.

Australian Shepherd

Shih tzus lived with Chinese aristocracy, yet they're happy in your home. The happy dogs have over a thousand years of roommate experience.

Shih Tzu

Independent (and hard to train), but not loud. Fast-running dogs are devoted to their owners.


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