This St. Bernard, named for the composer, connects the Newtons together. The Newtons are conflicted over euthanizing Beethoven after a vet calls him violent.


This 1974 Texas film includes a golden mixed-breed dog named Benji. When the Chapman children are kidnapped, he rushes to help. Benji helps humans solve a crime, leading youngsters to safety and earning a loving home.


Bolt, a White Shepherd dog, and Penny, a 13-year-old girl, have unique adventures. When Penny is "kidnapped," Bolt does the only thing he knows how to do – save her.


This puppy movie is tear-jerking. 1957 film about a stray dog and a child who realises his potential. Slowly but gradually, this yellow Labrador mix gains the Coates family's affection and protection. He puts his life on the line for them repeatedly.

Old Yeller

John Wick's unidentified pit bull was adopted in the first film and has become a franchise mainstay. John can always count on this pup to assist him battle anyone with a murderous agenda.

John Wick

After a genetically modified virus wipes all civilization, Robert Neville and his German Shepherd, Samantha, must find a cure. Sam sticks by her master's side through trials and errors, protecting him against Darkseekers.

I Am Legend

Full House Season 3 introduced Comet, the family's Golden Retriever. The dog was a thank-you gift after Minnie gave birth in the Tanners' garden. Comet's legacy has continued on Fuller House's revival.

Comet in 'Full House'

Buddy's narrative is very moving despite its ridiculous premise. Kevin discovers the Golden Retriever's ability for playing hoops.

Buddy in 'Air Bud'

Toto, the brindle Cairn Terrier in The Wizard of Oz, is a Hollywood icon.

Toto in 'The Wizard of Oz'

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