Kangaroos hop at 15 to 25 mph. They save energy and cover large distances at this range. Shortly, they can reach 44 mph.


African wild dogs target antelopes and gazelles. While chasing, they gain speed. They can run 44 mph.

African Wild Dog

Jackrabbit is a huge hare, not a rabbit. When chased, they may reach 45 mph. Jackrabbits are fast and zigzag to avoid predators.


Greyhounds are the fastest dogs. Thin dog can reach 46 mph. It's one of the earliest sports dog breeds. Full-grown male greyhounds weigh 22-38 kg.


Lions live in prides. Lions may reach 50 mph when chasing. They can't keep this pace for long.


The only antelope is blackbuck. They live in Indian grasslands and woods. 50 mph peak speed.


Blue wildebeests live in Africa's woods. This mammal can run 50 mph.

Blue Wildebeest

Springboks are speedy. These speedy animals can run 55 mph when threatened.


Cheetah fastest land animal. This predator can reach 75 mph during a chase. Long, slim body, tiny head, and muscular legs built for speed.


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