9 Foods Known To Combat Bad Breath!

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1) Apples

Apples help remove plaque from teeth, hence improving breath. Crunching apples increases salivation, which eliminates odor-causing germs.

2) Cherries

Methyl mercaptan, a putrid-smelling gas, can be produced by bacteria that cause bad breath. Antidote? Cherries counteract the odor of methyl mercaptan.

3) Cinnamon

Essential oil from cinnamon has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, and its pleasant aroma can mask lingering odors. Have a cinnamon stick in your mouth.

4) Crunchy veggies

Carrots, celery, and cucumbers provide fresh breath when chewed. The high water content promotes fresh breath, healthy teeth, and hydration.

5) Ginger

Gingerol-6, found in ginger root, promotes saliva enzymes that break down sulfur molecules that cause bad breath.

6) Green tea

Green tea's antimicrobial properties help combat bad breath. According to studies, green and black tea polyphenols can limit bacterial growth by 30% and degrade odorous compounds.

7) Herbs

Mint, parsley, basil, rosemary, tarragon, and cardamom all enhance breath when chewed. Green plants have a pleasant aroma & contain chlorophyll, which eliminates bad breath.

8) Leafy greens

It's common knowledge that eating leafy greens can improve your health in many ways, including your breath. Both lettuce and cherries hate the methyl mercaptan gas.

9) Yogurt

Yogurt inhibits the breakdown of sulfur compounds in the same way that kryptonite does, except yogurt is fantastic and actually does exist.

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