Oats are nutritious. Oats are high in carbs, fibre, and beta-glucan. Higher in protein and fat than other grains.

Oats Are Healthy

Fiber prevents constipation and promotes intestinal regularity. It makes stools heavier and easier to pass. Cereal fibres, such oat fibre, are regarded to be more effective than fruit and vegetable fibres.

Oats Maintain Digestive Health

Glucan, a component in oatmeal, reduces appetite by increasing cholecystokinin, a hunger-fighting hormone.

Oats Help Control Weight

Oats absorb oil and cure acne.Oats remove grime, oil, and exfoliate skin naturally.

Oats Benefits For Skin

Studies have indicated that a diet rich in whole grains like oats can help regulate weight. Whole-grain intake is inversely associated to BMI.

Oats Benefits For Weight Loss

Oats exfoliate dead skin while moisturising. Beta-glucan in them generates a thin skin coating.

Oats Benefits For Face

Fiber, magnesium, iron, and zinc are in oats. Growing children need additional minerals and vitamins.

Oats Benefits For Babies

They include melatonin and complex carbs, which scientists say helps tryptophan enter into the brain and aid in sleep.

Oats Help You Sleep Better

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