"Many believe dogs stink. That's odd "Dr. Ann Hohenhaus of the NY Animal Medical Center says this.

Bad Breath

If your dog's eyes seem weird, check the iris. Hohenhaus explains that jaundice causes yellowing of the eye white.

Yellow Eyes

Like their owners, many dogs are allergic. As Dr. Evan Antin of Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital points out, allergies are fairly frequent. If your dog licks his paws or forearms often, it may be sick.

Paw Licking

Patchy fur isn't due to shedding. Antin says mites, allergies, and hypothyroidism can cause balding.

Fur Loss

If your dog's face sags, call the vet. In Hohenhaus' opinion, facial nerve paralysis is a sure sign of hypothyroidism

Droopy Face

Canines catch viruses, but a snotty nose may indicate a fungal illness. Beyond being "icky," this infection is hard to treat.

Runny Nose

Noticing if one dog's eye is significantly redder than the other is important. Possible cause: a severe haemorrhage.

Red Eye

Notify the vet if you're often replenishing the dog's bowls Antin adds diabetes, cancer, and kidney or hormonal disorders can make pets thirsty.

Increased Thirst

Some dogs enjoy to eat odd things (cough, cough, your costly shoes), but licking dirt or grout is a red flag.

Eating Dirt

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