Did You Know These Amazing Food Facts?

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Beetles are boiled and used as a red food colour in Skittles.
 Crushed Dactylopius coccus beetle carcasses are used to make the red food color carminic acid, which is also known as carmine.

There is a chemical in chili peppers that causes your mouth to feel as if it is being scorched.
 Capsaicin, a substance found in chili peppers, interacts with our nervous system's pain receptors.

Numerous shred cheeses and breakfast cereals contain cellulose. 
Cellulose consists primarily of sawdust. It is used to prevent clumping in certain shredded cheese products and cereals.

Honey is never spoiled.
Honey in its natural state is extremely low in water content and high in acidity. These are the two most important aspects in preventing food deterioration.

There are an even number of rows on a corn cob. 
Rarely will you encounter a corn ear with an unequal amount of kernels. In addition, a typical ear of corn contains sixteen rows.

Avocados are fruit!
 Avocados are categorized as berries with a big seed. This nutritious meal must be harvested when ripe, which can take between one and two weeks.

Tomatoes were once thought to be toxic! 
In 18th-century Europe, the tomato was referred to as "the poison apple" because aristocracy frequently fell ill and died after consuming it.

More protein is found in broccoli than in steak.
In addition to the traditional benefits of greens, broccoli contains more protein than steak. Also, it does not include trans fats or cholesterol.

Each banana you consume is a clone.
Even though there are more than a thousand varieties of bananas in the globe, the ones commonly found in supermarkets are genetic clones of the Cavendish variety.

Cars and gummy candy are coated with the same type of wax.
This glittering coating on gummy candy is actually carnauba wax, which is also used to polish automobiles.

Actually, pistachios are fruits. Pistachios are, surprisingly, the seeds of a fruit (the outer fruit is removed during processing). They include an abundance of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

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