Foods That Wreck Havoc On Your Teeth

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1) Taffy

This sweet and chewy sweet treat can stick to teeth and can result in cavities.

2) Bananas

Your favorite snack is cariogenic, which means it can cause teeth decay as it can stick to teeth. 

3) Caramel

Another sweet thing that can stick to teeth for a long time and can cause cavities. 

4) Raisins

Yes, they can be good for health but not for teeth as they can keep stick to teeth and cause problems. 

5) Soy Sauce

It is one of the main food that stain the teeth and make their appearance worse, so control consuming it. 

6) Hard Candy

Hard candies can brittle your teeth and also can cause cavities, so try to minimize consuming them. 

7) Peanut Butter

An important breakfast component is also harmful to teeth as it sticks everywhere in the mouth and can cause cavities. 

8) Crackers

Crackers usually have seeds or sugar on them, which can weaken your teeth.

9) Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is known to stain teeth and its acidic nature can weaken teeth. 

10) Soda

The sugar and carbonated properties can result in weak teeth and cavities. 

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