Foods You May Not Know Contain Caffeine

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1) Chocolate

An ounce of dark chocolate has around 12 mg of caffeine and chocolate milk contains 6mg.

2) Coffee ice cream

This ice cream that you eat before sleeping may abrupt your sleep as it contain 43 mg of caffeine.

3) Decaf coffee

Yes, decaf coffee has caffeine and it can be up to 14mg. 

4) Green tea

A cup of green tea contains nearly 30 mf of caffeine. 

5) Gum

Yes, some type of gum contains caffeine, which are made to give you energy.

6) Kombucha

A Kombucha glass of 8-ounce can contain around 10-15mg of caffeine.

7) Nutella

Nutella has cocoa powder which results in 3mg of caffeine per 2 tbsp.

8) Oreos

One oreo cookie has around 1.3 mg of caffeine. 

9) Protein Powders

Many proteins powders have caffeine in them whether they hve coffeee flavor or not. 

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