Make Your Comfort Foods Healthier With These Tips!

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1) Macaroni cheese

Mac 'n' cheese is one of the best comfort foods, and you can minimize the carb-load by using cauliflower. Use extra-mature Cheddar to use less.

2) Chicken Parmesan

Our variation utilizes courgette pasta and chicken cooked in a herby tomato sauce with passata. Cheese crumb topping adds crunch.

3) Chicken burgers

Instead of frying, marinate chicken in buttermilk and bake it. Chicken, pickles, avocado, leaves, and sriracha mayo on a bun.

4) Pasta with meatballs

Mushrooms and lentils add meatiness. Passata and roasted peppers make marinara sauce. We bet you won't miss the original.

5) Sweet and sour chicken

Make this takeout favorite at home to avoid sugar. You can mix and match protein and vegetables in 30 minutes.

6) Burritos

We provide a nutritious vegan option that is ideal for breakfast or lunch. It consists of tofu, plantain, an abundance of spices and veggies, and is accompanied by a spicy tomato salsa.

7) Tacos

These bloody mary-inspired prawn tacos taste like takeaway. Spicy prawns and celeriac slaw fill these adult-only tacos. Tabasco makes the sauce spicy.

8) Chocolate cake

Olive oil is used in place of butter, and the sugar content is minimal. The rest of the meal consists of eggs & espresso. When paired with fresh raspberries, it's a decadent dessert.

9) Chicken gyros

Tzatziki made from yogurt, mint, lemon, and cucumber is eaten alongside spicy marinated chicken. Pitta wraps it all up nicely.

10) Chocolate mousse

A excellent homemade chocolate mousse can be significantly healthier than one might expect. There is no need for double cream or cream cheese to obtain this velvety texture.

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