No! These Healthy Eating Myths Aren't True!

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1) A right way to eat

There is no one diet that is optimally healthy for everyone, as evidenced by the fact that various people have different blood sugar and insulin reactions.

2) Five fruits and veggies per day

WHO claims too little fruit and veg causes 14% of gastrointestinal cancer and 11% of heart disease deaths, therefore we should eat more.

3) Chocolate results in acne

Acne is caused by hormones & their effect on skin oil glands, not nutrition. A bad diet high in refined carbs that elevate blood sugar may cause acne & not chocolate

4) Swallowing gum will be really bad

Chewing xylitol gum is excellent for your teeth, but you shouldn't swallow it on purpose. Gum isn't digested & travels through the digestive tract like other food.

5) Spinach is best iron source

When analyzing the nutritional value of spinach for the first time, scientists made errors and overstated the amount of iron it contained.

6) Sugar makes kids hyperactive

Children bouncing off the walls at parties prove this myth.  However, the notion that sugar causes hyperactivity has long been debunked.

7) Sugar is the main source of Type 2 Diabetes

High sugar foods contribute excess calories, and it is this, rather than sugar, that can cause the fatty pancreas that leads to Type 2 diabetes.

8) Vitamin C prevents cold

Most people don't find vitamin C to lessen colds. It may aid marathon runners whose excessive activity lowers immunological function.

9) Cookies may contain plasticizers

Glycerine, sorbitol, and monoglycerides may all be authorized food additives in some cookies to help them retain moisture.

10) Mixing drinks results in worst hangover

It is more likely total amount of alcohol that is the issue, &  drinking three glasses of wine followed by three glasses of whiskey is asking for disaster.

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