Should You Use Various Apple Varieties for Apple Sauce?

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Applesauce should be recognized for its greatness. Homemade applesauce is not only delicious but also simple to prepare and adapt to your tastes.

Picking the right apple variety is essential for achieving the right sweetness and acidity levels in your final product. So you may use numerous apple varieties?

The Spruce Eats and Southern Living both agree that the tastiest applesauce is made with a mix of apple varieties – and there is no wrong mix.

Southern Living suggests using a range of apple varieties to give your applesauce a more nuanced flavor and texture, as each kind cooks up differently.

The Spruce Eats suggests combining a sweet apple, like Golden Delicious, with a tart apple, like McIntosh, and a crisp apple, like Braeburn, to create the perfect applesauce.

Depending on the apples, you may not need to sweeten the sauce. Bon Appetit warns against oversweetening homemade applesauce.

If the applesauce isn't sweet enough after you've added a little sugar, pass it around the table so people can add more to their own bowls.

If you make too much mixed-variety applesauce, you can make fruit leather or apple butter with the leftovers.

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