What Is The Ideal Time To Eat Spicy Food?

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Biryani, mole, curry, and pho are just a few examples of cuisines that come to mind when you think of "foods packed with spices and herbs."

Some people can handle even the spiciest of dishes, while others can't stand the taste of cinnamon and will complain if it's added to anything they're eating.

However, one expert dietitian suggests that there may be a "right" moment to eat spicy foods without experiencing discomfort.

In case you can't tolerate spicy food!

If you're craving something spicy for lunch, like hot wings or pepper-packed takeout, try to hold off until later in the day.

Eat It Later In Day!

Meal timing actually,  doesn't affect [spice] absorption. But, GERD or acid reflux patients may find later-day spice consumption easier.

If You Tolerate Spicy Food!

However, consuming spicy meals earlier in the day is suggested for people who may be able to tolerate them slightly better.

Spicy Food Tips!

1) When taking a big amount of a variety of spices, it is best to combine them with a base, such as yogurt, which can work as a neutralizer to alleviate pain.

Spicy Food Tips!

2) Additionally, you can lessen discomfort by avoiding alcoholic beverages when consuming a spicy meal.

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