Why Do Your Cats Lick You?

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While cats do not often overwhelm their humans with kisses like dogs do, you may notice that your cat occasionally licks you. You may therefore question why my cat licks me.

Your cat may lick you like other cats. Allogrooming is social grooming done to bond. Cats lick people to groom and bond.

They can lick themselves or even their masters when they are joyful or nervous. Pay attention to your cat's body language if you want to know if he's licking you out of love or tension.

Cats' tails flicking and ears pulled back are common signs of anger among felines. A cat's ears may be relaxed or slightly forward when it is sociable and calm.

Petting a cat while it licks you is a common occurrence. If you are touching them for an extended period of time or in an uncomfortable location, they may bite.

Why Cat licks first, then bite?

Stopping your cat from occasionally licking you might not be something you want to do. However, if it occurs too frequently, you may wish to put a stop to it.

How to Stop Cat Licking?

You don't want to use a deterrent that will interfere with your relationship with your cat. Instead, use a toy or a reward to refocus his attention.

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