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7 Healthy Potato Salads 

1. Tzatziki Potato Salad

Greek yogurt replaces mayonnaise and cucumber and dill lend summer flavor to this recipe. 

2. Healthy Potato Salad

This recipe includes a light, tangy Greek yogurt, mustard, and lemon juice dressing. 

3.Herbed Potato Salad

This dish uses Greek yogurt and Dijon mustard for a tart, herbaceous dressing. 

4.Quinoa Sweet Potato Salad

This potato salad dish is unusual. It has quinoa and roasted sweet potatoes for texture and nutrition.

5. Greek Potato Salad

The dressing is tart with Greek yogurt, lemon juice, and fresh herbs.

6. Sweet Potato Salad

 It has fresh herbs, roasted sweet potatoes, and zesty mustard dressing.

7.Green Bean and Potato Salad

This potato salad is light and refreshing. With delicate green beans and spicy mustard dressing

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