7 Heart-Healthy Trader Joe's Frozen Meals

Grilled Chicken Strip

Grilled chicken is a diet staple for a reason. Grilling lower-fat chicken dinners is ideal.

Italian Tomato and Red Onion Focaccia

Trader Joe's Italian Tomato and Red Onion Focaccia has only 12 actual food ingredients.

Bulgur Pilaf 

Trader Joe's frozen fall grain dish combines butternut squash and feta cheese over bulgur. 

Chicken Cilantro Mini Wonton

Won tons are usually served as an appetizer, but with some frozen grilled chicken strips and TJ's Asian-style frozen veggies, they may become a meal.

Quinoa Cowboy Veggie Burger

For heart health, you might grill a vegetarian burger. However, vegetarian burgers aren't necessarily heart-healthy.

Chickenless Crispy Tender

A plant-based diet at any age to reduce cardiovascular risk. Trader Joe's chickenless crispy tenders are vegetarian-friendly.

Premium Salmon Burger

Omega-3-rich fish top a heart-healthy diet. Omega-3 fatty acids lower coronary artery plaque and inflammation.