9 Best Family Sunday Dinner Ideas

1. Grilled Pork and Pineapple Sandwiches

Grilled sandwiches make a simple summer Sunday meal. The Adobo ketchup-glazed pork is amazing.

2. Blackberry-Glazed Ribs

Blackberry jam, barbeque sauce, and lime juice elevate ribs.

3. Jammy Grilled Cheese

Elevated grilled cheese sandwiches make a wonderful kid-friendly dinner that's sophisticated enough for adults.

4. Smoky Chicken Tostadas

Rotisserie chicken makes this Sunday supper look and taste like you spent hours on it, yet it only takes an hour.

5. BBQ-Glazed Hot Dogs with Spicy Slaw

They become extraordinary when topped with jalapeño-spiked coleslaw and drizzled with spicy BBQ sauce.

6. Pasta e Fagioli

This one-pot dish with al dente pasta, carrots, and creamy white beans is cozy.

7. Manhattan Clam Chowder

The tomato base, white wine, and briny clams make it.

8. Chicken, Sausage and White Bean Stew

This protein-rich stew has slow-cooked beef, beans, and veggies for a family supper. 

9. Lasagna With Meat Sauce

This delicious dish with pig meat sauce, three cheeses, spinach, and herbs will have everyone asking for seconds and thirds.

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