Edamame, the Healthy Superfood

Edamame, Chinese soybeans, are collected before they ripen. They are popular in the US and abroad.

Health Benefits

Blood pressure is the force of blood flow through your blood vessels. This quantity depends on diet and activities.

1. Helps Control Blood Pressure

Potassium helps the kidneys balance sodium and water, lowering blood pressure. High salt levels elevate blood pressure.

 Milk is the most common source. Healthy aging requires strong bones to prevent fractures and promote mobility.

2. May Improve Bone Health

Edamame contain protein and dietary fiber, which are healthy for heart health and cholesterol.

3. Helps Lower Cholesterol

Edamame have few carbohydrates, thus they don't elevate blood sugar like other beans.

4. Regulates Blood Sugar Level

They're high in protein, fat, and fiber and low on the glycemic index, in which foods spike blood sugar swiftly.



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