The 8 Worst Heart Foods burgers

It's unclear if saturated fats cause heart disease. High-quality, grass-fed beef may be heart-healthy in moderation.

2.Processed and cured meats

Bacon and sausage are saturated fat-laden. Even low-fat foods are heavy in salt.

3.Deep-fried foods

French fries, fried chicken, and fried snacks have been linked to heart disease in several studies.


Fat was long considered the main cause of heart disease. Sugar may be just as dangerous by contrbuting to all heart disease risk factors.

5.Soft drinks

Beverages provide the most additional sugar for many Americans. Youngsters, adult males, and adult women drank soda or sugary drinks daily, 

6.Cookies and pastries

Most baked foods, especially commercial ones, are rich of sugar and saturated or trans fats.


The cardiovascular consequences of saturated fats like butter may be debatable. Trans-fat-rich diets seem to increase heart disease risk.