Try 4 Diabetes-Friendly Desserts


Fruit is a great dessert for diabetics and non-diabetics. It has fiber and healthy vitamins and minerals.


 Fiber stabilizes blood sugar and lowers cholesterol. Make a fruit parfait with plain yogurt or a low-sugar brand to minimize carbs even more.


Chocolate may improve insulin responsiveness and blood sugar control for diabetics due to flavanols, beneficial chemicals in cocoa.


The difficulty is that most chocolate has few flavanols and lots of sugar. Dark chocolate instead of milk or white reduces sugar and boosts flavanols.

3.Gelatin Dessert

The sugar-free version of Jell-O, which contains 20 grams of sugar per serving, is a suitable option for diabetics who want an after-dinner treat.

Gelatin Dessert

 sugar-free versions contain artificial colors and sweeteners.It should be limited despite its low carbohydrate content.

4.Frozen Dessert

One cup of vanilla ice cream has 30 grams of carbohydrates, making ice cream out less pleasurable for diabetics.