5 High-Zinc Immunity-Boosting Foods

Zinc is found in every shellfish, especially oysters. Oysters aren't eaten daily.

1. Shrimp

 Stir-fries, pasta, taco night, and steamy Thai curry are all good ways to use them.


Hemp hearts, also called hulled or shelled hemp seeds, taste nutty like sunflower seeds but are softer.

2. Hemp hearts

They can even replace bread crumbs for crispy baked chicken tenders.

Hemp hearts

All mushrooms contain zinc, however shiitakes are higher. A cup of sautéed shiitake mushrooms provides 18% of your daily intake. 

3. Shiitake mushrooms

 Although this mushroom is most typically used in Asian cuisine, it can be utilized in other recipes

Shiitake mushrooms

Chicken thighs are cheaper than breasts. It's more delicious and has more zinc and other vitamins.

4. Chicken thighs

You get zinc every time you dip a pita chip or carrot stick in hummus.

5. Chickpeas



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