7 Brain-Damaging Foods

1.Fried chicken

Deep-fried anything tastes wonderful. That delightful crunch of fried food is hard to duplicate.

2.Gummy bear

Gummy bears are mostly sugar and lack any nutritional value. While glucose is needed for energy.


Due to their beneficial fats and choline, fish and shellfish are suggested for brain health.

4.Hot dog

Eating processed meat frequently may harm your brain function if you don't balance it with brain-healthy meals like salmon, walnuts, and green veggies.

5.Fast food

Fast food wrappers contain per- and poly-fluoroalkyl compounds, which can harm human health, particularly our cognition.


Donuts are a triple-whammy of brain-damaging foods. These sweets usually contain added sugars, which may decrease cognitive performance in excess.


Making biscuits with shortening may expose you to trans fats, which can harm the brain and nerve system in excess.