7 Ways to Reduce Weight Without Quitting Alcohol

Before drinking, decide how many

Determine your drink count before starting. This makes it easy to stop and recognize your limit when drinks are ordered and passed around. 

Stick to the "every other" rule.

 Sip a low-calorie drink after each alcoholic drink. This way, you'll drink less alcohol at night and enjoy a delightful, low-calorie drink!

Fill up on protein and veggies before drinking

Fiber and protein stabilize blood sugar and keep you full, counteracting alcohol's sedative effects.

Order a light, low-carb beer

The Nutrition Twins claim this behavior is often disregarded despite its obviousness. 

Think of alcohol as your "dessert," not your "appetizer''

Alcohol should be dessert, not an appetizer. Starting the evening with booze without eating will make you feel it sooner

Order some bubbly

When you want wine, try prosecco! Prosecco has fewer calories than other wines. 

7.Drink out of a standard wine glass

Staying with regular wine glasses is prudent. A regular wine serving is five ounces.